Well, it’s 9.09 am and I’m still waiting for my peer to come, we have a schedule for exam preparation today. I’ve just read a blog, quiet interesting post actually. It talks about the writer’s perspective about birthday celebration. Between all of the sentences I really like this sentences :

When our oldest was a baby we had already decided not to send her to other children’s extravagant birthday parties because, especially for girls, they were getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t uncommon at all to hear of parents spending several thousands on their teenager’s birthday party. And what sort of broke my grim little heart were other, less financially fortunate children being mocked for not having the money either to have a birthday party like that, or to give the kind of expensive gifts that were expected.

– Allumer,

Yah, I totally agree with the writer. But, to celebrate birthday actually we don’t always have to make a big party or something money-wasting. We can have a simple dinner or lunch at our house with our family. I really enjoyed the time when I was a kid, celebrated my 5th birthday with my parents and my twin sister. Yah, that was a long time ago. I used to blow down the candle, turned it on again then re-blowed it, haha. That’s what a kid do, make a simple thing looks like an enormous happening activity. And now i’m 20, time passes quickly. And I still feel happy when I blow down my candle🙂

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