Hujan Bulan Juni

In several times, when I talk to my self “it’s just so hard, impossible for me to pass it” then I tend to think, “why can’t I? I am human” and after that I feel lighter.

Do you know why? Being a human is a honor. I feel very blessed, to be a human. As a human, we really have a big ability you know, to do anything, to conquer the world.

Even our body were designed to be like that. Our bodies contain the world’s longest river. Even more than the Nile.

Do you know what is it? the blood river. Seperti sajak Sapardi Djoko Damono :

dalam diriku mengalir sungai panjang,  darah namanya; dalam diriku menggenang telaga darah, sukma namanya; dalam diriku meriak gelombang sukma, hidup namanya; dan karena hidup itu indah, aku menangis sepuas-puasnya

Sungai darah. Hehe. Cool ya.

If we are even able to maintain the longest river in the world in our bodies, God willing, we can do anything. Therefore, try, if difficult, then try harder. Bismillah🙂

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