Discovering The Number : 20

I found an interesting fact yesterday. About the number 20. Why did I look up for what related to the number 20?. Well, it’s simply because 20 is my date of birth. Ha.

So, yesterday I found out that 20 is one of a magic number. Why is the number 20 being called the magic number?, hmm, wait, what is a magic number by the way?

Number 20

Well, according to wikipedia, in science – more specific – in nuclear physics, a magic number is a number of nucleons (either protons or neutrons) such that they are arranged into complete shells within the atomic nucleus. The seven most widely recognized magic numbers as of 2007 are 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, and 126 (sequence A018226 in OEIS).

What’s the special thing about the magic number?. So, atomic nuclei consisting of such a magic number of nucleons have a higher average binding energy pernucleon than one would expect based upon predictions such as the semi-empirical mass formula.

The binding energy itself  is defined as the mechanical energy required to disassemble a whole into separate parts. So, by having a higher average binding energy, these atomic nuclei consisting of such a magic number of nucleons are more stable against nuclear decay. Because you need more energy to separate them.

What’s the good thing about being more stable against nuclear decay?.

Well, nuclear decay or radioactivity, is the process by which a nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by emitting particles of ionizing radiation. A material that spontaneously emits this kind of radiation  is considered radioactive.

A decay, or loss of energy, results when an atom with one type of nucleus, called the parent nuclide, transforms to an atom with a nucleus in a different state, or to a different nucleus containing different numbers of protons and neutrons. Either of these products is named the daughter nuclide. In some decays the parent and daughter are different chemical elements, and thus the decay process results in nuclear transmutation (creation of an atom of a new element).

A radioactive nucleus (or any excited system in quantum mechanics) is unstable, and can, thus, spontaneously stabilize to a less-excited system. The resulting transformation alters the structure of the nucleus and results in the emission of either a photon or a high-velocity particle that has mass.

To make it simple, atomic nuclei consisting of such a magic number of nucleons are less radioactive, therefore, less dangerous.


Cool ya. I wish I could be someone who built by these kind of atom.. so in a similar way, I could be more resistant to decay. And more stable. Haha. Because in life, there are so much another form of decay, not only nuclear decay. And the most influential decay come from your closest environment, the people around you, your friends, person you believe, what they told you, what they made you think you are. Padahal, to be honest, they are as clueless as you are. That’s why, when you are in doubt, don’t ask human. Ask your creator. Allah SWT.

Humans are complicated.

And funny. We are all so busy, demanding others to act like the way we want to be treated. Thinking that if they don’t act like the way we want them to act, then they are wrong, or sinful. Kalo kata carnegie di bukunya : how to win friends and influence others, itu semua pada dasarnya karena tiap manusia punya kebutuhan untuk merasa penting. So then, we are so busy, trying so hard so everybody else will be impressed by our presence, to listen our demand.. and when they don’t, it upsets us. For me, our demanding action, that’s only the action formed by our inferiority, our need to be important, our desire, our arrogancy.

But, then again, what’s the purpose of that?. That’s irrational don’t you think?. That’s not the reason we are living in this world. We don’t live to impress others.. we don’t live to make others do the thing we want them to do. That would be tiring, this whoooleee world is full of everybody else. We are busy judging each other. And.. what again the need of that??. Lincoln once said : you can tell about greatness of the man by what makes him angry.

But for me, you can tell about greatness of the man by how he handle his anger.

It doesn’t matter what makes a person angry, how he / she behave toward that anger is more important, right?. So let’s stop judging, and try to be more instropective. No matter how noble the reasons are, Hulk is always regret the way he is angry. You don’t wanna be the huge scary green person right?.


We only live to please Allah SWT. So, keep thing simple that way. Calculate, before you do something, whether this action will make Allah SWT pleased or not. If it is, then do it, if it won’t, then don’t do it.. if it is good but you feel like you are not able yet to do that, then pray.. if it is bad but you feel like it is hard to resist not to do that, then pray. By keeping things simple that way, you could be more stable. And resistant to decay.

Now I always tell my self, When I am in doubt, remember Allah SWT. When I hate someone, or feel angry, pray good for them. It helps. To prevent your anger forms your arrogancy. It decreases the tendency for you to be more judgemental to other person. Be friendly with everybody, you will never know, who is right and who is wrong. That’s not your job either, to decide right or wrong.



How do I know this?. Because I was that silly complicated human before. And knowing that I was that kind of person, it really piss me off, haha. How could I let the decay around me, make me unstable?. How could I let my inferiority, make me become someone I don’t ever wanna be?. How could I let my desire live longer than it should?. How could I let my anger hurt someone else?. How could I forget, that Allah SWT is the one I should pleased?. How could I doubt my decision, if it is really for good?. Hhh.. astaghfirullah.

Let’s be better. Because that’s the only thing that you can should do🙂.

One thought on “Discovering The Number : 20

  1. Hey you. Re-read this post agaiin..haha. #IfYouKnowWhatIMean :p
    Anw, thx I just knew 2 is also considered as a magic number!😎

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